LTI Logo Options

Which would you choose? Picture this: you’re the CEO of a non-profit that helps Veterans transition from the military to civilian careers. Your organization serves as their ‘bridge’.

Colorado Basketball Network Brand

Let’s hear it for the Colorado Basketball Network! … your go-to for Youth Basketball in the Rocky Mountain state.

El Retumbo

Rumbling guitars & vintage vibes. Here’s a piece of cover art for my 𝐄𝐋 𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐔𝐌𝐁𝐎 playlist on Spotify ( Music is a key part of any designer’s process, so I keep a few thematic playlists …

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Cactus Face

Testing out some brush techniques with this guy, now unceremoniously know as ‘Cactus Face’. For my AI nerds, this is just a scatter brush built from a simple circle. At varied sizes, it paints like …

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Alexandria Brewing Company Crowler Can

Flashback to earlier this Summer when I helped Alexandria Brewing Company create this monster crowler can. We were going for something a little bit neutral, a look that could represent any brew.

US Leather Cleaning Logo Mockup

We’re back with US Leather Cleaning and a slick logo mockup. Along with the various logo concepts we presented the US Leather Cleaning folks, we also included this sharp lil’ mockup to seal the deal.

US Leather Cleaning

Here’s an elaboration on the chosen concept for US Leather Cleaning. These folks loved the clean, contained approach, but elected to include a hide shape in the monograms instead of just the square.