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Hello! I’m Trevor, a logo design & branding expert with a belief in doing what you love.

I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and dreamers bring their ideas to life through well crafted brands. Following your passion is non-negotiable, a must. If you have a project we can work on together, do not hesitate to reach out. I’d love to see your dream through as well!

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My Wheelhouse

  • Logos, Wordmarks, Icons
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Redesign
  • Rebranding
  • Naming
  • Creative Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Color Theory
  • Vector & Scalable Graphics
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Industry Standard Files
  • WordPress
  • Theme Editing
  • FTP & cPanel Editing
  • Basic HTML & CSS Coding
  • Site Mapping
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile First Design
  • Speed Optimization
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Favicon Design
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Handouts
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Product Design
  • Labels
  • Apparel Design
  • Book Covers

A Proven Process



It’s always better to work with friends! We first establish a foundation in a creative brief conducted face to face or over the phone. We discuss what drives you, what inspires your venture, and how we can meet your goals and aspirations.



Great design is well informed. We take careful note of your market and competition in order to differentiate your brand for its target audience. A brainstorming session with good ole’ paper and pencil kicks off the creative flow and yields a healthy volume of sketches and ideas.



Our strongest ideas are selected and brought to digital life with key design principles and best practices. These designs are toiled over and adapted into polished concepts ready for presentation.



Multiple options are key to success. Our concepts are presented to you in a professional proposal with mock-ups to aid visualization. We analyze the symbolism and strengths of each piece – the most fitting design is chosen.



Details are key. With your feedback in mind, we refine the design until it’s perfected. Adjustments are made to white space, kerning, vector points, and other key factors. The end result is a polished product that will last.



Your final design might include multiple variations in various colors. All industry standard files are packaged together in a comprehensive file kit: png (transparency), jpeg, svg (vector), tiff (large print), eps (editing), color codes (Pantone, hex, rgb, cymk), licensed fonts, and other file types as needed.


“The new brand is everything I wanted and everything I didn’t know that I needed.”

– Sean Neary

Realtor, Sean Neary Homes

“Not going to lie, I lost my mind when I saw my logo paired with hieroglyphs icons.”

– Trent Michels

Head Trainer, Totem Strength

“I couldn’t be happier with the final brand. The whole experience was fantastic from beginning to end.”

– Chance Coffinger

Bifocal Beats

“Nothing was thrown together. Trevor took time to understand our story and create a logo with meaning behind it.”

– Derek Jackson

Co-Founder, Cyber Dive

“Trevor did an incredible job interpreting the concept in our head and turning it into an outstanding logo and amazing identity.”

– Andy Reynolds

Head Brewmaster, Alexandria Brewing Company