Tire Broker

Tire Broker

King of the Wheel

Challenge:  craft an identity for Tire Broker that nests under its parent brand, Tire King (Colorado Springs). Wheel expert, Frank Vargas, and his family have been major players in the tire game for years. In 2018, Frank acquired the brand-less Tire Broker, an existing venture that coordinates the movement of used tires forward and backward in the local supply chain. 


Logo Design


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Approach:  drawing inspiration from popular racing brands, we narrowed in on schemes that felt sharp-fast-clean while avoiding common tropes in the custom automotive market that are too fanciful or indulgent (think “Pimp My Ride”). The result is a simple, yet clever icon that combines tire treads and recycling arrows into a mark that can keep pace with some of the industry’s best brands.

Impact:  Frank identified with the logo right away; within a moment after the proposal, we were downstairs in the shop showing off the new design to the Tire King technicians. Equipped with a solid brand, Frank and his crew are in the driver seat ready to establish their market presence.

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