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Modernize My Site

Modernize My Site

Logo redesign & a fresh start for some of the nicest colleagues.

Modernize My Site’s Sterling McMannis and Angelina Pecoraro are fantastic friends and colleagues. For years, we’ve been collaborating on design projects, particularly logo design for Modernize’s various web clients. One day, they asked me if I’d redesign their main Modernize logo, and shaaayeah, of course I said yes! It’s a treat to work with other professionals who are passionate about what they do.


logo redesign

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our Approach

Sterling and Angelina knew from experience, some of the best results come from being hands off during the creative process – we started this project with a clean slate. Right away, the long length of our name was a limiting factor. But, when I found that the word ‘Modernize’ broke neatly onto two lines, we decided to take a leap towards something a bit unconventional. The result is a tight-fitting wordmark that is easy to place.  

previous logo

concept 1

concept 2 (winner)

concept 3

damn sexy websites

The new design was an instant fit. In a way, this was the missing puzzle piece Modernize needed to level up. They were already an incredible team of professionals doing great work, but now they have the brand to match. It’s been a pleasure watching Angelina and her team whole-heartedly embrace what we created.


“I work with a ton of graphic designers. One gripe I have with most creatives is their lack of business operation skills and overall business acumen. Working with Trevor has been a breath of fresh air. He carries himself with great confidence and is a consummate professional. Most importantly, he’s a stellar artist.”

Sterling McMannis, Founder