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Leader Transition Institute

Leader Transition Institute

Logo design & brand guidelines for those who serve those who serve.

Founder, Annie Brock, is fired up to serve. Her organization, the Leader Transition Institute, prepares military service members and first responders to take the leap into civilian occupations. After a life of service, it’s not easy to make the transition from ‘we’ to ‘me’. Annie and her team are 100% there for these folks with some of the best training courses around, free of charge.  


logo design

brand guidelines

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Washington D.C.


The LTI team is made up of big-time patriots; from the get-go, we knew this brand was going to have that ‘All-American’ look. Key to our solution was this idea of a bridge, symbolic for LTI’s role helping service members make the transition to civilian life. The chosen logo design is made up of these elements: our bridge, box (reference to the previous logo), and three stars (symbolic for the three audiences we cater to).

previous logo

concepts presented

option 1 (winner)

option 2

option 3


clear space

color distribution



horizontal wordmark




Adopting the new brand was a pivotal moment for LTI, a strong message that we are ready to serve, and do so at a high level with the some of the best non-profits around. With brand guidelines in hand, Annie and her team rolled out their new identity without flaw. This is the bedrock for an organization that will thrive for decades to come.   


“Trevor was spot on because he researched us and listened when we talked. This made choosing from the options he suggested for us very easy. He put together a brand guide so it’s easy for our team to use the new logo, wordmark, colors and fonts properly. We are so proud and excited to begin the transition into our brand!”

Annie Brock, Founder