Trevor Kinkade Design – Bifocal
Bifocal Beats See Your Path Forward


Compose an aesthetics-first brand that will draw in and hype fans of electronic dance music (EDM). The unidentified artist (formerly known as Chanceman) has reinvented himself as Bifocal, a reference to the infamously high prescription glasses he wore growing up. Now turning hobby into daily obsession, Bifocal is on the look out for insightful beats and a logo that will match his progression wave for wave.


Bifocal came to the creative table with visions of vision. Inspired by the blurry ‘o’ in the Focus Features logo, we set out for blur effects that operate in the vector universe. The solution is offset typographical outlines growing blurrier from left to right. This simple effect made up of straight vector lines will ensure that the wordmark looks as intended everywhere. A color palette of red and blue is the foundation for brand elements based on three-dimensional glasses.


The logo reveal was a huge moment of enlightenment for Bifocal, who is now working meticulously towards a debut album. Expect some new thumping tracks and a brand unveiling on all major streaming platforms this Summer 2019.

“I couldn’t be happier with the final brand. The whole experience was fantastic from beginning to end.”

– Chance Coffinger


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