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G2N Farm Logo Reveal

Proud to introduce: G2N Farm!

G2N is a berry farm in Kingsley, Michigan run by two recent US Air Force retirees, Angela & Brian Neff. This property was handed down from Angela’s Grandfather (Gaisser) who purchased the land in 1955 – interestingly enough, he also served in the Air Force as a tailgunner during WWII (at the time our Air Force was still a branch within the US Army).

This project turned out to be a cool combination between classic ranch and Air Force motifs. Our G2N monogram functions like a cattle iron with each character connecting together. The other key element is the Berry Star which mimics the Air Force’s WWII insignia, but with a blueberry snuck inside. Finally, we’re supporting these core marks with a variety of type-based badges, all a bit rounded for that organic small farm feel.