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Studio 43

Studio 43

Logo design for a yoga studio that brings its community together.

Forty-three is a family story. Back in 2010, founder Nikki Taylor’s father passed away from cancer. He was a key figure in their small-town, the local football coach, and the person that brought people together. Now years later, Nikki fills her father’s shoes with Studio 43. Much more than a yoga studio, this business has become a pillar of her community. It’s a common meeting place where local folks come together to work hard, share memories, and connect. Her father would be proud.


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Alexandria, Kentucky


Nikki’s vision for Studio 43 was exceptionally clear, and that made our branding work a breeze. Her father’s number was 43, so naturally that became the focal point of our logo. Surrounded by a lotus flower, this design is both bold and feminine, something that women and men are happy to wear around.

Nikki with a photo of her father.

A pillar of the community

It’s heartwarming to see the Alexandria community rally around this business. Nikki built something from scratch that adds tremendous value to the local area. I’m not exaggerating – I visited Alexandria about five years after this project, and I lost count of all the 43 shirts I saw around town. People have really adopted this brand as their own. And how could you not – Studio 43 offers unlimited free classes to anyone with an active cancer, no questions asked.

Run 43

We have to mention Run Club 43, one of the studio’s spinoff programs, and a surprisingly active bunch. All year you’ll see Run 43 out there on the road, sporting their 43 shirts while they train for the next big marathon. Fast, slow, it doesn’t matter, this is the place to turn up if you want to share a good work out and a beer with friends.

Nikki & Trevor after a hot yoga session.


“It was everything that I wanted, but I didn’t know that I wanted it! Trevor is talented, the process was easy, and he works very fast.”

Nikki Taylor, Owner & Lead Instructor