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Instructor Banjo

Instructor Banjo

Brand identity & swag design for a trucker that’s fired up to teach.

Banjo is that enthusiastic teacher you never forget. A lifelong commercial trucker, Damon Boss traded his wheels for a blackboard when he became an instructor at the US Truck Driving School in Fountain, Colorado. Over time, his exuberance has earned him a cult following among former students, and memorable phrases like “Make 7th your b*tch” and “7th over second, baby” have turned him into an icon for the truck driving community.


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this is Banjo

and this is our Banjo logo

But hey now, we didn't stop there

Creating a logo in the likeness of a real person is never an easy task, but once we nailed Banjo’s iconic smile, we were cruising with something special. And from there, an entire brand identity unraveled: alternate logos, wordmarks, badges, icons – we created a flexible system of designs that can take Banjo as far as he wants to go.

Hell Yeah!!

The Banjo Brand’s voice could be described as crudely positive. We captured that unique personality with a series of illustrated catch phrases. Inspired by vintage Nashville concert posters, we mixed and matched our letters together for a real ‘pop’ effect – almost like you can hear Banjo’s voice just by looking at them.

Ain't it funky?

This project was an instant hit. Really, Banjo just kept yelling ‘hell yeah!’ during our proposal. And even better, the students have taken to the designs as well – Banjo sells a few shirts to each class that passes through his course. With this much passion and energy, it’s hard not to win. As of October 2023, Banjo has earned 2.5k followers and 20k likes on his TikTok channel.


“I came to Trevor with a vision bouncing around in my head that I didn’t know how to bring to life. He surpassed my expectations and not only brought to life what was in my head, but gave me a complete portfolio of things I hadn’t even thought of!! HELL YEAH!!!”

Damon Boss, Instructor Banjo