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Cyber Dive

Cyber Dive

Logo design & branding for a startup keeping kids safe online.

Cyber Dive doesn’t claim to be a tech startup; rather, they see themselves as a mental health company focused on the well-being of our kids. Devastated by tales of abuse and cyberbullying, co-founders Jeff Gottfurcht and Derek Jackson teamed up to tackle the children-on-social-media issue head on. In 2022, they released the first smartphone for kids with unlimited monitoring access for parents.


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Phoenix, Arizona

Our Approach

Jeff & Derek left the creative door wide open with one specific request: “we don’t want to become the thought police”. Wisely noted, the quest was on for branding elements that felt less techy & robotic and more friendly & approachable. We homed in on a customized wordmark paired with a circle icon referencing the ‘Diver Down’ flag, a subtle call to the letters ‘C’ and ‘D’. Splashed with some colors that pop, this brand is light & likable.

aqua one

Cyber Dive made a huge market splash when it released its flagship product, Aqua One, the first smartphone created for kids with complete monitoring for parents. Instead of restricting access to content, Aqua One allows kids to explore freely and gives parents the tools to teach their kids how to develop a healthy relationship with their phone and social media.

Well on their way

The folks at Cyber Dive are all in. In a short few years, Jeff & Derek turned their idea into a 25 person team, developed a successful application, and released a smartphone. Now the challenge is on: Cyber Dive is striving to positively impact as many families as possible.


“Trevor isn’t just going to throw something together. He takes the time to understand your business, your story, and create a logo with a lot of meaning behind it.”

Derek Jackson, Co-founder