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10 Years!

About ten years ago…

On a whim, I created this Tempe travel poster. Impossible to know at the time, but this was the start of my design career.

I am tremendously grateful to everyone who has shown interest in my work over the past years. Because of you (and your always timely referrals) I was able to make something I love into a full time gig.

More story…

I was about to graduate college – BA in business of whatever, it didn’t matter then nor does it really matter now. Before leaving for the Army, I had one of those rare windows of useless freetime. And when you’re bored and available, you get inspired.

For me it was the Disneyland ride posters. I had this idea, let’s create a travel poster, but instead of the typical Paris or New York, I’d highlight a local scene in Tempe (back in 2014, this idea felt more novel).

Funny to think now, I quite literally copied Disney’s Rocket to the Moon poster. I continued mimicking ideas for a long time until I built up my own competence. Kind of like a new band playing only cover songs (sometimes I still play the covers).

When I look at this design today, it’s a complete mess. I had no grasp on pixelation. Some of these source photo details make no sense. But I do remember, I was mighty proud.